Our next Urban Henkeeping Workshop is to be held on Sunday, April 21 from 10am-4pm.

Join us for a potluck picnic that evening as well!!  Location TBD.


Welcome to Cream City Hens!


In Southeastern Wisconsin,  where peaceful rolling hills meet bustling metropolis, where agriculture meets industry, is the City of Milwaukee.  Cream City Hensa community grassroots group, fought for and won the right for residents of homes in this urban center to raise hens in their backyards.  On Thursday, 28th May 2011, a proposed ordinance sponsored by Third District Alderman Nik Kovac went up for vote before the entire Council of the City of Milwaukee (14 Council members).  With eight yea votes from Alderpeople Hamilton, Kovac, Bauman, Bohl, Cobb, Murphy, Witkowiak, and Zielinski, the ordinance was passed; and as of Thursday the the 28th of July permits were issued to hen-lovers across the city. 

Milwaukee made a change, like so many other communities around the nation, and we couldn't be more thrilled!  

Inspired by Mad City Chickens, a self-described 'Poultry Underground' that worked hard to change the henkeeping law in their hometown of Madison, Wisconsin (and succeeded in 2004), we followed in their footsteps and moved the City of Milwaukee one step further down the path of sustainability.  The ordinance that was passed in May allows each residence to have up to four hens (no roosters), requires that the coop be set back 25 feet from neighboring residences (not the lot lines), and demands neighbor approval for the plans for your your coop and run before your one-time $35 permit can be issued. 

The purpose of this site is to garner interest and awareness of urban henkeeping; to educate our community on the perks and logistics of poultry as a legitimate addition to home life; and to lay to rest mistaken assumptions on the harmful nature of hens in close proximity to people. We seek to bring our families, communities, and city one step closer to urban sustainability.

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If you're interested in adding a microflock to your backyard and you live in the city of Milwaukee, please contact us!  We can help you get started on your new endeavor, and we're always looking for volunteers to continue the cause.   You can email us at CreamCityHens@gmail.com, or call us at 414-301-EGGS.

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